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What Is Outdoor Digital Signage?

Outdoor digital signage that have the necessary vandal and weatherproofing to be used outdoors. EKAA4000nits Outdoor Displays are much brighter than normal displays which means they are easily visible in direct sunlight. Smart Cities are defined as those that use technology to improve services and become more efficient. Outdoor screens are commonly used for advertising, communications, local information, and digital wayfinding through clever touch integrations. EKAA Outdoor digital signage technology can make our urban centers a nicer place to live. OurTechnical integration team is constantly researching and produce new high-value technologies.

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Outdoor LCD Digital Signage

QSR Outdoor Drive-Thru Menu Boards

Window Facing High Brightness Displays

Indoor Menu Boards

Self-service Ordering/Payment Kiosk

Indoor Displays

Stretched Displays

 Interactive Displays

Transparent OLED

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Case Study
EKAA IP67 4000nits Outdoor Display Installed in Kuwait

EKAA IP67 4000nits Outdoor Display Installed in Kuwait

Digital Menus help customers understand how delicious your food is before they order. Increase add-on sales by displaying photos and videos.The average return on investment of digital menu boards due to increased sales is about 2 months.Which means digital menus pay for themsevlves.

EKAA IP67 4000nits Outdoor LCD Display for KFC Project

EKAA IP67 4000nits Outdoor LCD Display for KFC Project

Rising Expectations for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Now, EKAA drive-thru technologies are improving QSR experiences and helping restaurants get ahead of fast-changing customer demands. As a result, restaurants are better equipped to deliver food to customers as quickly and conveniently as possible, while staff have more time to focus on customer service.

EKAA 75inch outdoor signage

EKAA 75inch outdoor signage

EKAA 75inch outdoor signage used in the digital are exhibition of "Plasmata"which is in Athens.

Curious About Digital Signage Pricing?
Use our digital signage estimator to help you understand your project costs.
Core Features

Why choose EKAA Digital Signage?

As an OEM/ODM factory & Manufacturer, EKAA has a 4,000 square meter plant in Guangzhou city, China.

We have good (CAD) designers for drawings and good engineers for technology parts So that we can cover the full production process for the mechanical parts and finished products, and most of our products have passed the CE, ROSH, FCC, and other approvals.We are equipped with the most advanced automatic machines and well-equipped devices for Outdoor & Indoor LCD Display production, which can support our monthly production capability. Our Products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions,  Our exceptional engineering and manufacturing expertise plus broad experience in the digital signage industry add value to both our customer.

Check Our Advantages

Full Solution Provider

There are lots of components that make up a successful digital signage network, so it makes sense to get everything from one place. That's why we pride ourselves on being a full-solution provider. This means we have everything you need to get your project off the ground.

Commitment and Efficiency

We will find the best solution for your company with costs adjusted to your project. With over a decade´s experience in the sector, at EKAA Digital Signage we can help you take advantage of the vast possibilities offered by new technologies in the marketing field.

Customized On Demand

Provide customized design service according to customers, we generally will give you a solution in tow dyas.

Fast Delivery

Our factory has an inventory of raw materials and has 4 production lines dedicated to the production of digital signage products.

What our clients say
Jose Santos
"Even in sunshine, it can catch my eye in front of the high brightness window facing provided by EKAA. I think it makes me forget the time when I look at it. It is a great design and bring the new opportunities to my store. we will order more."
Daniel Saifi
The quality of outdoor products is very competitive on the market. Our clients are happy. Thanks EKAA TEAM!
Martin Bysiewicz
"We are very very excited about finally getting the screen and we liked how it looks and materials. Your screens will be considered for our systems from now on”
Jonathan Marcal
“We worked with EKAA Technology started 2013, they are so great and kind to provide us different digitals signage solutions, we are very impressed about their product designs, enclosure quality, service and the most important is the hardware match ."
Latest News
September 18 , 2023

What Is A QSR Digital Drive Thru Menu Board?

A outdoor qsr (Quick Service Restaurant) drive through digital menu board makes it possible and digital drive thru refers to a modernized and technology driven approach to the traditional drive thru service commonly found at restaurants, fast food chains,

September 11 , 2023

What Is LED VS LCD Digital Signage?

When comparing LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) technologies, it\'s essential to clarify that LED is not inherently superior to LCD or vice versa. Instead, they have different characteristics and advantages depending on the spec

September 04 , 2023

Square LCD Displays: Combining Creativity and Efficiency

Square LCD displays are gaining prominence in various fields due to their unique combination of creativity and efficiency. They provide artists, designers, and regular users with a novel way to present content and accomplish tasks. While they may not be s

August 28 , 2023

Exploring the Power of Smart City Outdoor Digital Signage

Today, we delve into the concept of Smart City Outdoor Digital Signage, its benefits, applications, and spotlight a prominent supplier in the field - EKAA.

August 18 , 2023

Enhancing Visibility: Exploring the Impact and Benefits of Outdoor Digital Advertising Screens for Sale

In this article, we will delve into the realm of outdoor digital advertising screens for sale, uncovering their transformative potential, benefits, and the considerations businesses should bear in mind.

floor standing digital signage
August 09 , 2023

Floor Standing Digital Signage Enhances Engagement and Communication

In this article, EKAA will lead us to explore the significance, benefits, applications, challenges, and future potential of floor standing digital signage.

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Have Any Questions?

How does your factory do regarding quality control? 

Quality is priority. EKAA always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. We focus on every detail, our products accept CE,RoHS,FCC authentication,etc.

What is your after-sale service? 

Normally we offer 1 year free warranty but whole life time technical support.After 1 year, components would be charged if any mulfunctions occur on the device. For Outdoor Digital Signage series we could provide maximum 3~5 years warranty in particular countries and regions

what is your MOQ?

Any quantity is acceptable for your order. And the price is calculated according to Specs/Size/Quantity of each of your order, it is negotiable for large quantity.

what brand of screen are you using ?

LG,BOE,AUO,Samsung, CHIMEIpanels would be used, depending on the projects.

do you have your own enclosure factory?

Yes we do have our own enclosure factory,and we have the best structural En-gineer,we hope to provide you with best screen and shape, so OEM is also wel-come

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