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The impact of digital menus on restaurants


If the use of digital signage in the retail industry provides convenient conditions for the transmission of promotional information, then the application of digital signage in the catering industry is to vividly reproduce the "essence" of the menu, providing health protection for health care practitioners. It can be seen that when the living standards of the general public have improved significantly, people's choice of restaurants is no longer the traditional good taste and cheap price, but the conditions of added value such as environmental information. Digital signage and the catering industry not only promote each other Achieve a win-win effect, while also providing a comfortable dining experience for the public!

As a representative service industry, customer experience is an important factor affecting restaurant performance. Therefore, in this industry, the consumption environment must be re-evaluated from the perspective of consumer experience every few years. Under the background of the rapid development of social information, the application effect of digital signage fits the urgent informatization needs of customers. Therefore, the application of digital signage in the catering industry is nothing new, such as restaurants and bars. Wall-mounted TVs mainly for live football matches and news are the primary applications of digital signage.

Today, with the rise of interactive digital signage, this application has been further deepened, and it has begun to be integrated into the entire business process to "make suggestions" for the upgrade of the dining environment in restaurants. The in-depth application of digital signage further enhances the practical value of digital signage in the catering industry, and is expected to launch the "first shot" in the retail industry

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